LIFE 2018 Statewide Conference

Low-Income Forum on Energy (LIFE)


Through interactive and innovative sessions, attendees can expect to learn new skills and gain expertise about assistance programs, low-income energy policy, emerging energy issues, innovative programs, consumer protections, and best practices. The Conference features more than 40 workshops, including valuable trainings for contractors, community-based organizations (CBOs), and attorneys.

A detailed preliminary agenda is available by clicking the link. A preliminary listing of tracks and session topics is below. Bookmark the conference agenda webpage and check back for updates on agenda details as they become available.

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Energy Policy

  • Update on the NYS Public Service Commission Affordability Proceeding and Utility Low-Income Payment Assistance Programs 
  • Low Income Access to Solar
  • Inequality and Poverty: Using Social Research to Inform Policy
  • Default Rate Designs and the Impacts on Low Income Customers
  • REV Opportunities for Low-Income and Other Residential Customers 

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  • Passive House-certified Affordable Senior Housing: First in the Nation
  • Energy Opportunities in Rural New York  
  • Fostering Access to Shared Solar in Affordable Housing
  • Reforming the Energy Vision in Action: REV Demonstration Projects
  • Integrating Non-energy Benefits into Energy Efficiency: Solution Building at the Health/Energy Nexus
  • Community Solar: Overcoming Barriers to Low- to Moderate-Income Access to PV 

Program and Initiative Updates

  • Health/Energy Nexus on the Ground: Learning from Work Underway
  • Energy and Health: Managing Thermal Extremes
  • Reforming the Energy Vision in Action: REV Demonstration Projects
  • Opportunities for Affordable Housing Owners: RetrofitNY, Multifamily Performance Program, and Real Time Energy Management
  • Clean Energy in Environmental Justice Communities
  • Community Energy Engagement: Current Activities and Opportunities

Consumer Protections and Outreach

  • Participating in the Policy Making Process 
  • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) Outreach: Connecting Vulnerable and Low-Income Populations with HEAP 
  • Energy Conservation for Low-Income Customers: How You Can Help Your Clients Help Themselves 
  • Update on the New York State Public Service Commission ESCO Proceeding and Related Activities
  • Supplemental Programs: Lifeline, Nutrition, EPIC

Related Initiatives and Special Topics

  • Proposal Development for Clean Energy Projects Serving LMI Households  
  • Deep Dive into New York's Low- to Moderate-Income Market Segment
  • Initiatives for New Americans in New York
  • Public/Private Partnerships: Focus on Affordable Housing
  • Health and Energy Research in Practice: Thermal Extremes Vulnerability and Management
  • The ALICE Report: Learning about New York's Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed Residents
  • Working with Older Adults

Contractor and Technical Training

  • What is an Energy Audit?
  • Heating 101
  • Retrofitting Manufactured Housing
  • Zonal Pressure Diagnostics
  • Electric Baseload Reduction
  • Healthy Homes Evaluator Training

Attorney Training  

The Public Utility Law Project will provide a training that instructs attorneys on the rights conferred by Article 2 of the Public Service Law that pertains to the right of the consumer to obtain and maintain utility services; the availability of public assistance and financial programs to assist residential customers experiencing either the threat of, or actual termination of utility services; and statutes, regulations, and case law supporting New York’s public policy of maintaining energy service; and the implementation of energy efficiency and conservation as cost-containment measures.